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Deck and Siding Information 
Redwood is preferred for siding and decks because of its attractive appearance, unsurpassed stability and the durability of its heartwood; however, left natural or with the minimal protection of poorly maintained finishes, any exterior wood's appearance will change color. Sunlight, moisture, temperature, microorganisms, dirt and soot contribute to the discoloration of any wood used outdoors. Effects can range from wood turning a driftwood gray due to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation, to it turning nearly black as a result of mildew growth, soot accumulation or extractive staining. Black discoloration may also result from iron in nails or other hardware or from contaminated finishes and airborne particles. Mildew is often a problem on decks and siding in moist environments. Mildew is a superficial fungus growth that lives on the surface of the wood but does not degrade its structure. The first step toward a remedy is to identify the source of discoloration and take the necessary corrective action. Note: Lime found in fertilizers, mortar and concrete mixes can cause severe stains when spilled or tracked onto redwood. These black stains cannot be removed by sanding and no known bleaching agent can remove them. The only solution in the case of this type of staining is prevention. Once redwood siding or decking has been cleaned or restored a premium quality protective finish may be applied.    
Most premature coating failure and appearance concerns can usually be attributed to error(s) in preparation and application. Some mistakes, particularly in preparation, can cause severe surface damage that can be very expensive or impossible to correct. For this reason it is never a good idea to hire a carpenter, general building contractor, water blaster/steam cleaner, or handyman for finishing or refinishing work. These individuals or companies are not licensed to perform finishing work and usually create the conditions that lead to appearance issues or worse. The advice of the local DIY hardware/warehouse personnel has also proven to be problematic for many of our customers. If your deck suffers from any of these symptoms our surface restoration service can correct a wide variety of appearance issues.   
Our methods of preparation, product selection and application have been acquired through many years of product research and practical field experience. We adhere to applicable guidelines set forth by sources such as the USDA Forest Products Laboratory and the California Redwood Association. The knowledge gained through our diligent research allows us to set a high standard for the cleaners, conditioners, and the protective coatings we use. Our products are selected according to content and quality not brand or price point. Our relationships and contacts with all of the major material suppliers serve to keep us in touch with the latest innovations in product development.  
Composite Decks; Composite decking material holds the promise of an extended service life when compared to natural wood products.  While this may be true, many of our customers have observed a significant change in appearance over time.  The mandatory annual cleaning is usually anticipated.  The relatively quick fade to gray can be unexpected.  The natural content (‘wood flour”) of this material requires proper maintenance.  Fortunately this is easily remedied.  We have a process especially designed to restore and beautify your composite deck.    

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Deck Surface Restoration

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