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Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Refinishing Information


  Maintenance and Refinishing; Most finish failures and other appearance concerns can be directly attributed to the use of inferior or inappropriate coatings. Lacquer, oil, and other “furniture” type coatings are not suitable for kitchen and bathroom environments. They were not designed to provide the required water resistance and wear characteristics.   A difference in sheen level at high use areas (sink) is often the first warning sign. The use of oils, soaps, waxes and various "miracle in a bottle" fixes may appear to offer a short term improvement . Products of this type will actually accelerate the damage and continued use will cause increased discoloration.   Ideally our maintenance service should take place before noticeable damage has occurred.   If minor finish damage is present it can often be corrected by our process. Our maintenance refinishing service is an excellent choice for the protection of cabinets, doors, and other interior wood surfaces. All surfaces receive the essential cleaning and surface profiling necessary for the application of a far more durable, longer lasting, and non-yellowing clear finish. The inherent water resistance and superior adhesion make this type of coating an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This system is designed to create an overall uniformity and protect the surface against further similar damage. Our customers have found this service to be very cost effective because it provides the best appearance possible without the greater cost of removing the existing finish. Quick dry times and low odor allow us to accomplish the finishing in a more efficient and less intrusive manner. This type of finish is , durable enough to be used in “up-scale” floor finishing, and is available in crystal clear Satin, Semi-gloss, and Gloss sheen levels.   (see drawer pictures below Before and After)Color Change; We offer two methods of changing the existing color while maintaining a true natural look . The first is suitable for a mild color change and includes the necessary preparation as described above plus the addition of a custom color designed especially for you project. This method of color application accents the grain and can add color to the inside corners and other design details of the cabinets. The removal of the existing clear coating is not required. Our second method is reserved for severly damaged finishes and/or a dramatic change in color. The removal of the existing clear coating is required.  This process is time consuming and labor intensive but well worth it. The result is a durable exceptional finish that reveals and enhances the natural characteristics of the wood and imparts a rich  custom color stain created exclusively for your project. The removal of the existing clear coating is required.





In this sample color change; The original cabinet door color (top left).  A "Color Wash" (lower left) and a deep color application (right).  Our color range is infinite, we can custom match any stain color.

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