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1. House Painting; a job for a qualified professional 
2. Elastomeric Coatings in Residential Applications  
3. Paint Warranties Guarantees and Timely Maintenance

1. Exterior House Painting Information

House Painting is a job for a Qualified Professional

Exterior  house painting is an essential part of a regular maintenance program and is one of the most important steps a homeowner can take to protect their investment  Painting your home provides a fresh look that can revitalize any home. For many people who own homes the exterior of their house is an important source of pride. We consider our home a reflection of ourselves and want to feel as if we have a home that puts our best appearance forward. Painting the exterior of a home is one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to provide the required protection, give a home a face-lift and update its style.  If you consider your home a valuable asset house painting is a project for an experienced qualified craftsman. 

 Hiring a Craftsman

Most contractor salespersons are able to recite or provide a list of operations that may be required to prepare and paint a project. It is a common practice to make this list as long possible. This can be misleading. Quantity does not equal quality. Painting tasks and procedures are only applicable to specific surfaces and existing conditions. The truth is; thorough proficient execution is the fundamental key to a quality result. Here is one example to illustrate why RS TURNER is the best choice for your exterior house painting project;

A general description of house painting tasks may sound similar. The difference is in the execution.

Start; A thorough Power Wash is the first step in exterior surface preparation. A typical power wash is used to simply wash accumulated dust and dirt from an exterior surface. A cleaning agent may be added to the water stream. Of course this cleaning agent is quite often unnecessary and can contribute to environmental pollution. Our Power Washing process has two main purposes. The first is to remove airborne surface contaminants such as dust and dirt. The second is to remove specific contaminants (ask me) from areas that are not exposed to weather such as eaves and porch covers.  Make no mistake a thorough power wash is not a quick rinse.

The next essential step is to discover the weak areas of the existing coating over the entire surface to be painted.   A failed peeling or flaking surface is obvious; a weak paint film may show little or no evidence of this state.  The importance of this step cannot be overstated .  Every step of our process is designed to ensure the maximum service life of the coatings we apply.

 After power washing the surface must be allowed ample time to dry. We allow overnight drying in good weather. The areas of failed paint can now be properly prepared.  Common hit-or-miss production driven preparation practices are unacceptable.  Our objective is to create a truly sound paintable surface.  Proper preparation is a process not a race. 

 Finish; To ensure the maximum life cycle all coatings must be properly applied. The amount of paint applied to a surface is measured in mil thickness not the number of coats.  The correct thickness of a coating is determined by proper application.   ”Full wet coat“ is the industry standard used to describe proper coating application. We employ the best proven application techniques and equipment to ensure the best result.  This is the reason our projects look better and last longer.  The highest quality paint is worthless if the most effective methods of preparation and application are not implemented.    

From Start to Finish, and all the steps in between, we offer a higher level of quality and service. All-Season application and Lifetime material warranties are available.  Our goal is to acquire customers and keep them through competent professional service.   We are not your only available choice; we are simply the best choice.

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2. Information about Elastomeric Coatings in Residential Applications  

Elastomeric coatings were created for new smooth concrete commercial construction application. They have also been used successfully to remedy specific problems.   These remedies include hair line cracking in masonry surfaces where repair cost is prohibitive and to limit water intrusion by wind driven rain. Unfortunately they have become a popular sales gimmick touted as miracle products with generous clams of extended service life.      

Elastomeric coatings have some important application requirements.  An elastomeric coating must be applied at a thickness of up to 20 mils with no pinholes to avoid failure.  A continuous membrane must be created to prevent moisture from entering the paint film. . If moisture becomes trapped behind the coating the consequence can be sobering.  This condition can cause mildew and mold-related problems, substrate rot, or the weakening of the substrate itself according to Aaron Dhawan, director of marketing for Insl-X Products Corp. a prominent manufacturer of elastomeric products.    Large heavy duty equipment is required for spray application.   The thickness of the coating requires much more time and labor in application and a second coat to ensure no pinholes on a smooth surface.   The very idea that a continuous membrane without pinholes can be created on a rough stucco exterior is improbable at best. Proper application requires at least three times the usual amount of paint for an average house.   The sheer weight of the coating film can cause a failure from the substrate on a previously painted surface. When this thick film fails, and it will, the extra cost of preparation for the next coating will be considerable. To add to the confusion there is a lack of industry standard as to what actually constitutes an elastomeric coating. In our experience; If a coating doesn't have 300 percent elongation and return 80 percent, it's not an elastomeric. Some manufacturers put external plasticizers in their coatings, but that doesn't make them an elastomeric. Some manufacturers sell 50/50 mixtures. Some contractors compromise the integrity of the product (thinning)  to ease application.

To review; 3X the paint per coat, much more time and labor for proper application, severe consequence for poor application and no adequate industry standard.    Obviously the price for a properly applied elastomeric coating should be significantly more than a high quality acrylic coating. The question is; is it worth it? Generally, if major hair line cracking or water intrusion is not a problem on a particular building, a good quality acrylic coating system is a much better choice.

 If an extended life cycle is what you are looking for we offer coatings with a lifetime warranty for 10% more than our premium Acrylic system, this is, without a doubt, your best choice.

  3. Paint Warranties Guarantees and Timely Maintenance

                To accurately evaluate paint guarantees and warranties paint coatings should be viewed as chemical systems.  The quality of each component must be considered.  A paint coating containing poor or lesser quality components with a generous warranty falls under the category of “sales gimmick”.  If we eliminate this category of paints we can effectively use the warranty as a valid tool of comparison.  For instance a warranty of 15 years is considered better than a warranty of 10 years and so on.  A legitimate product warranty will give an indication of service life when compared to other similar paints, however, the stated time span should not be considered a true maintenance interval.  An area of maximum exposure will require more frequent attention than shaded or otherwise sheltered surfaces.   Proper timely maintenance will always be required to ensure adequate surface protection and an acceptable appearance.  Surfaces must be inspected at regular intervals.  It may seem counter intuitive but waiting until a house looks like it needs painting can lead to substantial damage and increased cost.  Peeling paint is a clear indication that a home needs painting.  What may not be as obvious is the condition of the underlying surface, If not immediately addressed the surface will quickly deteriorate.  A well maintained surface will always looks better and cost less.