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I understand that you have many choices in House Painting Contractors. I am committed to prove that we are the best choice.  Our outstanding level of service is not an accident. Turner Painting is structured to provide our customers with the full benefit of our knowledge, experience, and customer service on every project. Craftsmanship acquired through diligent research and over thirty years of experience is only part of what defines our service. Our customers are never subjected to the common practice of overbooking, the use of inexperienced inadequately trained labor or the irritating and unprofessional activities associated with “absentee contracting”. Your peace of mind is of paramount importance to me. My management approach allows us to focus our attention entirely on the quality execution of every project. We believe that consumers prefer a contractor that shares an equal interest in the success of their project. Our customers are able to recommend us to friends and family with absolute confidence.   You can rest assured that we represent the very best value.

R. S. Turner, Owner


The Better Business Bureau gives our company their highest possible rating and then slanders us as "unaccredited" because we refuse to consent to their program of extortion, currently $495/yr (  Please be advised: RS Turner Painting exceeds all of the applicable Accreditation Standards and Business Practices of the Better Business Bureau.   “Paying the BBB to be listed as an accredited business appears to have instant benefits in the agency's ratings.”  “Better Business Bureau grades companies on a peculiar curve”.  This article in the LA Times written by DAVID LAZARUS dated January 21, 2009 provides insight into the BBB’s self-serving grading system.   WE DO NOT HAVE TO BUY STATUS.  WE HAVE EARNED IT, AND WE CONTINUE TO DO SO ON EVERY PROJECT EVERY DAY.

  All Contractors can easily be checked at CA Contractors State Licensing Board
or call toll free 800 321-CSLB

The State of California provides a much more effective method to determine the qualification of contractors.  The Contractors State Licensing Board is the only agency that possesses the power to set and enforce professional standards of performance and behavior.   In California all contractors must be licensed so pre-screening is a matter of checking the license number and the appropriate classification of the license.  For example our license no. is 516158 and our classification is C33.  The license status and the classification of a contractor should always be checked.  The classification check is an important step because it will allow the consumer to eliminate companies and individuals who may contract for work outside of the trade that they are actually licensed to perform.   This is a common practice among general building contractors and contractors with a “D” level license.  General building contractors are usually licensed for framing and carpentry and are restricted to contracting projects that require more than two other specialty trades other than their own or unless the general building contractor holds the appropriate specialty license or subcontracts with an appropriately licensed specialty contractor to perform the work.  The “D” classification is even more restrictive.  These contractors cannot perform any trade that is covered by any other specialty license.  As you can see neither of these classifications allows for performing the work of a “C33” Painting and Decorating contractor.  The dubious screening process of an online “contractor matching” service is of no value when compared to the easily obtainable information provided by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.     

Qualification is an important place to start.  Turner Painting has the ability to support our commitment to a long term consistent level of craftsmanship with unsolicited references and a complete body of work.  We are the best choice for all of your painting needs.